22 January, 2008

disaster cake,new friend

A'kum n ello..

so...we baked a cake today...we baked 'kek pelangi'..my late mum always bake the cake when she was alive...when she baked,the cake was marvelous...very2 delicious..everybody will ask for more and many people will ask her to bake again and also asked for the recipe..but eventhough the person asked for the recipe,they can't do it as better as my mum...

anyway...cos my mum's recipe file disappear(i really want to know who the hell steal that file that full of awesome recipes)..so i have to search the recipe at the internet...and so i found one...the recipe was good cos i have all the stuff at home...but! when i bake the cake with my maid and my sis,the cake was a disaster..the only person who love the cake is aiman and i know he love it very much cos the cake only taste of powder and he really love it cos the cake also dissolve easily on his tiny tongue...cool~~~....so...what a day...lucky that i didn't waste my money to buy the stuff...and i know that recipe was wrong..but my bad,cos chose an easy recipe rather that the result of it...

so i have a new online friend...found her from CrunchyRoll...her name is Sang Xiong..i asked her is she chinese....then she said she's not..she said she is Hmong...i was like,what's that?...so i search at wiki what's the thing...and wiki said a community that live at the southern of china,also migrate to Laos and Thailand...and then,i asked her stuff like about her culture and so on cos i really love this culture stuff...then she said this is the first time that people asked about her culture...btw,she live in US...then,she told me that there are Hmong live in the jungle,and some people killed the Hmong and the tv shown the corpses and all and this happen cos of the war...and she said Hmong was a mix of chinese with other race(i'm not sure about this) and they got mix with it cos of war and you know,when war happens,woman will be like a sex-slave and that's when Hmong exist...i was like wow when she describe about it...and she also said that the owner of China is not chinese but hmong...when she said this,i was like"this kinda like hindraf" and also kinda like the chinese dynasty cos the Han people thinks that china was theirs(got this from the Dynasty Warriors)...but i didn't say it to her though...so to make the mood lighter,i asked her how she got into DBSK cos i know her from cr cos she is a DBSK fan...and so she told me that she only know them for about 7 months and 21 days...hoho...she counts!

bye then!
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Anonymous said...

Baked a cake?? :) kek pelangi tu kek apa? -DD-

Alia Liverpool said...

ahah..check google