03 January, 2008

ice skate,painfulxfun

A'kum n ello..

just got back from sunway piramid..
it was painful but fun....

cos we played the ice-skating thingy..
and because i was a 1st timer in this thing..
my legs had a lil bit bruised from the painful ice skate...

all n all..
it was good..~
fun too~

a lil bit sorry for hani cos she thinks it was a torture to her..

i was a lil bit sorry for fatin..
cos she had to listen to all the korean stuffs that hani,aqilah n me rambling about..
so sorry~
eventhough we said the story will be our last story..
but in the end,
the korean stuff just can't go away from our mouth....

though she thinks shiwon is cute...
those kiddies are fighting for shiwon right now..


i told my father that i needed RM400 to register for my driving lessons..
and he was a lil bit mad cos i was like,doing nothing in this driving thing..
and also because i always delay when n when about the computer test..
and so..
i told him i will go tomorrow..

and heck~
ainun gave me a late notice..
[not ur fault,dun mind]
she asked me to book the computer test tomorrow..
i called Metro..
[i was kinda proud of myself about it cos the only strangers that i called are pizza hut,mcd and gas man]
and she said that tomorrow's computer test are already full..
and i don't want to take the test on Saturday and Sunday cos that day will be totally full..
and so..
i asked her to book me on Tuesday..
and now i have to be ready to listen to my father's temper after this..

another delay.....~~~~


how should i know that we have to book earlier than the day before???

lucky today was great..

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