18 January, 2008

twilight the good!

A'kum n ello..

so i don't want to talk about the a-level thing..already explain it to emi..but i'm lazy to explain it here cos i'm not in the mood to say it....

anyway...read 2 things right now,Stephenie Meyer's Twilight and Ouran Host Club chapter 55-57(manga)...ah!!!..so goood!!!!...haven't feel this thrill for some time!!...huhu...ps i love you was alright...where rainbows end was good cos really made my day and nearly made me think twice about confessing to someone before things got too late..but still the plan about confessing didn't succeed..[don't even bother to ask]...but this Twilight book makes me soo WOOW!!..i don't know how to explain it,but the feeling is really good...it's like when you see something so good and your mouth open without you realize it,and then you suddenly say WOW...the feeling i got from the book is something like that....now i know why Amazon said "Best Book of The Decade..so far"....cos the book really awesome....the only book that makes me feel wow other than Twilight is The Coram Boy cos that book show you something that you never expected from a book..huhu...eventhough i'm a fan of books like Princess Diaries and The Clique,but those books makes me feel happy without the WOW symptoms..huhu..

and that ouran manga...tamaki+haruhi!!!..yeay!!..so cute!!sweet!...ah hin,if you want to read a clearer version of the manga,try read it at onemanga.com....

k..wanna read the book..!
  • currently listening to Wonder Girls' tell me..
  • my bro kinda memorize DBSK's love in the ice..

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