15 January, 2008

bleed + cook

A'kum n ello..

played with aiman this evening..and i made him laugh and all..and if you look at it..what i did to him not even funny but he laugh his head off...with his toothless laugh,he was too cute...and because laughing is addictive(learn this from EHB)...i continue playing with him while laughing and what a bad choice that was..

one tip i have to give you if you're playing with a baby..don't try to lift them up while you're laughing cos your lips maybe hit his head if something happen and accidentally you will bite you lips and bleeding will occurs..

this is a fact advice cos this already happen to me...
and yeah,i bleed my lips right now..and lucky the bleeding is not that visible..but blood clot happen and my inside lips look kinda 'hurt'...i showed the bleeding to my sis and bro...and they were like,"go to the doctor alia"..and my sis said i always have 'serius' sickness;i think she said something like that...so i asked makcik azah about it..she said it's nothing..so i believe her...

nway..my dad request this thing to me...he wants me and my sis to cook for him this sunday...he said he wants my maid to have a rest this sunday..and my sis n i will do her work of the day that is masak....and he asked me can i do it?..i told him Insyaallah..my mind was like,heck i don't want to cook...!...i know bunch of you will think cooking is an easy thing especially aina who already becoming a full time housewife..but i'm not that kind of person...i'm not a person who good with hands...i don't have any confidence in myself to let people see my cooking cos i never satisfied with it...the only thing that i'm confidence with myself is my fan-fiction and blog..other than that,no way~....

but my dad was being insistent cos he asked me what i want to cook for him..in my mind,i was like "not even 1 minute and you already asked what i'm planning to cook??"..gosh,i have to go to ainun's place to ask her some cooking skills...haha..

tata then!..
still haven't finished watching shotgun marriage..
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