10 January, 2008

super junior come to Malaysia!

A'kum n ello..

a very bloody good news for me who fangirls Super Junior...

Super Junior will have their Asia Tour starting next month! Starting in Seoul, on February 23rd and 24th, they will hold their first official concert as well as start their Asia tour. Including places:
• China - Beijing and Shanghai
• Thailand - Bangkok
• Taiwan - Taipei
• Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur
They will be holding concerts in 9 cities in Asia, making it a total of 10 concerts. So the concert tickets in Korea will start pre-ordering on January 22nd(?) And the concerts will consist of a relay of hit songs by Super Junior, other performances that display their other talents as well as talk. So quoted from the article, 'As much as it is our first concert, we are very nervous. We will work hard to prepare the best concert that Super Junior can show.'

• article - Bestiz
• translations - poco123 @ Soompi

3 cities still unannouced [if you count Seoul as one of the 9.]

huhu..i'm happy!!...another concert to go after DBSK...and this time i don't think there will be any problem for me cos last time the DBSK's concert was a lil bit 'havoc' cos i went there during the spm....and the happiness last quite early cos 24++ hours after the concert,i have bio paper...so...this time,i hope there won't be any prob...cos i hope the happiness after this concert will be longer...huhu...

and still...I'M SO DAMN HAPPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!...super junior!!..yeay!!...some singaporeans are lil bit mad cos SM always choose malaysia instead of singapore...can't help it...maybe cos malaysia's population are more than singapore's...so SM choose the country that will benefit them...and btw,it's not that expensive if you're a singaporean going to malaysia,aite??...


so i hope i will meet that cute donghae and ki bum and also shiwon's sexy 6packs!...yeay!

tata then!
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