26 January, 2008

DBSK date!

A'kum n ello...
this entry is for emi cos she wants to know what i feel about this whole DBSK story date(or something like that)...so if you are not emi or not even a DBSK fan,don't even try to read cos it's really long...


Let's say you spend seven months dating each of the members. The last two months will be divided evenly amongst the five. Like maybe a week per person or something...it's up to you. So it's th last week you get to spend dating them. But the whole week, you go out on a date with all five of them at the same time. So basically they are together.

1. Q: Changmin sends you a text saying that dinner will be a formal one. So what do you wear?

a nice brown blouse with black jeans..totally!cos i love brown and i think that's a formal colour..and pls don't ask about the jeans.it's black.it's formal.

So you take, like, 3 hours getting yourself together. After you got all ready, you receive another text from Changmin.

2. Q: It says "Yoochun and YunHo have argued for the past 1 and a half hour, and they finally concluded that we have to go casually." So now you're all pissed because what your wearing is perfect for the dinner. Now what do you change into?

doesn't need to change.cos brown is also formal and also casual.and jeans.that's casual!

You get all changed and wait downstairs in the family room. DING DONG! You rush to the door and greet all of them and they each are hiding something behind their backs. Junsu walks in, then Changmin, then Yoochun, then Jaejoong, then last but not least YunHo. Junsu walks up and gives you a ring. Changmin gives you a copy of his favorite book. Yoochun gives you a bracelet. Jaejoong gives you a purse. And yunho gives you a designer necklace to match Junsu's and Yoochun's.

3. Q: They all ask to sit you down. As you sit back down, they ask you which one of their gifts do you favor the most. Which is it? (P.S. YOU HAVE TO CHOSE ONE!!)

easy.changmin's.cos i love books.and i don't like jewelry to say the least.and understanding changmin,you really understand me by heart!<3>So the one you chose is very happy and smiles the biggest smile ever. All the others frown and walk with disappointment. The one you chose is the one you ride with to the restaurant. You see, they each drove their own car to your place.
So you arrive at the restaurant. The guys say just to go ahead, they have to get something from their car. SO the waiter seats you at a table on the patio. 5 minutes later,each of the guys return with a bouquet of flowers. They hand you their bouquets. You excuse yourself and go to the restroom. You call your friend and talk about what has happened so far and your suspicions.

4. Q: She laughs at the whole scenario and doesn't take you seriously. She told you to just ask them to take you home and dump them. Do you follow her advice?

ahaha..is that you emi?..r u the one who gave me that advice?..cos i want to slap u if you're the one who gave that advice..just believe me,they did that to me!

If you did, your story ends here. You want to know what happens?
They drop you off at your house angry as Lord knows what and they take each of their gifts back. (that's what you get for leaving them!)

As for the rest of you that stayed, good job! Your story continues.

You hang up on her while she still blabs on about her opinion. You walk back to the patio and see all of them on one knee. You sit in the chair facing them and they each stood up and began to serenade you. Junsu is first, then Jaejoong, then Yoochun, then Yunho, and last but not least, Changmin. You begin to blush and Yunho notices. He walks over to you, bends back on one knee and kisses your hand. He asks you to dance.

5. Q: So he asks you to dance. Lovely music plays in the background as you answer yes. All of a sudden, you have a crazy urge to sit down for you are very nervous you might do something. You try to pull away, but he holds you close. What do you do?

trying to think of a solution that my nervous breakdown always result in thinking about peeing...but still,not even trying to look at yunho's eyes..but look at the food....

So you end up pulling away. He feels a little insulted, but understands that you feel tired. With everyone still on their knees, Jaejoong walks up. He kneels back in front of you and recites a poem he wrote for you.

6. Q: As he recites, you glance at Changmin. He looks very nervous. Jaejoong looks up at you and catches you looking at Changmin. He turns to see who you are looking at. He begins to feel a rage against you for thinking that you weren't paying any attention to him at all. In the middle of the stanza, he gets up and walks away. What would you do to get him to stay?

erm..mutter a soft sorry that only jaejoong can hear cos i think he really being understanding...~~~~~

So he stays and finishes the poem with a low and sad voice. You stand up and take him by the hand. He turns around and you give him a quick peck on the cheek. He rubs his hand on it and smiles. You sit back down and Changmin walks up. He gets on his one knee and he sings to you again.

7. Q: Your heart feels warm as he sings to. But your heart feels even warmer as he holds your hand when he sings. You sing back to him and he smiles at you. You try to move your hand, but Changmin just won't let you go. You really try to let him go, but he just won't. Who would you call up to get him to move?

erm...can't i just let him hold my hand..??..cos i want it~~~...but still,i think i will call yoochun.

He eventually lets go, but is still staring at you. Yoochun walks up and gets down on his one knee. He kisses it and he begins to make you laugh. You both laugh very hard that your face turns completely red from laughing so much. So once he stops making you laugh, he gets off and kisses you on the cheek. He gets back on his knee and sings to you too. As h sings, he caresses your arms.

8. Q: When he caresses, you melt. He also told you that you looked very beautiful. You melt some more. But he says something that really hurt you. He compared you to BoA, but said something that insulted you. Do you pull back and ignore him, or do you play along and THEN ignore him?

haha..play along to him and telling him that BoA put too much make up so eventhough i don't look that beautiful like BoA,i still look natural..hoho.

So he gets a hint that your ignoring him and walks back. Everyone chuckles a little when he realized his mistake. He tries to go up, but Junsu said that his turn has ended. Junsu walks up and puts on his serious face. He takes your hand and kisses it. He gets pulls you up and asks you to dance. You of course say yes and he holds you close to his chest. You rest your head and he whispers into your ear.

9. Q: He whispers into your ear Sarang Hae Yo. Then he says it in english, I love you. You begin to blush. You feel his hand on your hip go a little lower than intended. Then it slides a little lower. You stop dancing and step back a few. He looks at you strange and asks what he did wrong. You tell him that you felt uncomfortable when he did it. So you walk back to where you sat and he seats you. He said, I'm sorry. WIll you dance with me again?

sorry mate.no.cos i'll feel more uncomfortable after that.

Here is where the story begins it's official double scenario. If you said no, continues. If you said yes, you might want to scroll a little.

So you said no and he gets disappointed. He goes back down into place. Yunho, then Jaejoong, then Chnagmin, then Yoochun, then Junsu stand up, one after the other in that order. Yunho walks up and kisses you on the cheek and hands you a red rose. Jaejoong kisses you on the opposite side and hands you a white rose. Changmin kisses you on the nose(i know, kinda weird) and hands you a red rose. Yoochun kisses you on the lips and hands you a white rose, and last but not least, Junsu kisses you on the neck(kinda weird too, but I am running out of places) and hands you a red rose as well.

10.Q: This is your tenth question if you said no. The waiters move the table back in front of you and you guys all eat now. Changmin is still staring at you. (hehe) You look up at him and you catch hims staring still. Since you sit next Yunho, you whisper to him. Yunho looks at Changmin, and he he stops staring. You whisper thank you. Junsu, sitting next to you, sees you whisper and thinks you two are flirting. He excuses himself and Yoochun follows. You look up and you excuse yourself as well. You followed them and you send Yoochun back. Junsu is sitting on the bench outside and looked down. He said, if you really loved Yunho, why are you bothering with us? what would you respond?

easy.i'll explain like i suppose to.don't need to tell him yet who the one like in DBSK.but still just telling him,that nothing is between me and yunho and he doesn't need to be that down.and btw,changmin-ah,i love kiss on the nose..!!!!

SO now that you have cleared that up with him, you two walk back in, with his arm around you. You walk back to your seats and continue to eat.

So those who said no, you might want to scroll down to the last question. The lat question is a combination of the story.

Those who said yes, here's your story.

You said yes and walk back up to him. He holds you close, but keeps his hand up more. He sits you back down and they all get up one by one in the following order: Yunho, Jaejoong, Changmin, Yoochun, then Junsu. The waiters move the table back and you finally eat. You are sitting next to Jaejoong and Yoochun. Yoochun moves his hand to your thigh and moves it rubs his hand. You drop your fork and grab his hand.

10. Q: This is your tenth question fro those who said yes. You grab his hand and h tries to let go. You place it back on his leg, ut Yoochun keeps trying to move it. The others are un aware of it, but Jaejoong spys it. He excuses himself and drags Yoochun with him. Would you follow?

If you did. your story continues. If you didn't, your story ends here. Do you want to know what happens?
You follow and hide behind the wall. You see Jaejoong slap Yoochun and yell at him. Your night ends up being ruined.

If you didn't heres yours story.

Your story now combines with the 'no' scenario. Here's your final question.

11. Q: You all eat desert and the waiters move the table . You ar still seated and all of the guys get on their knees again. They each pull out a little blue box out of their pockets and popped it opened. They all ask, 'will you marry me?'( I know it's too soon, but whatever.) Who would you say yes to?

tralalalala.changmin.cos he gave me books.he gave me a kiss on the nose.and always stare at me like he wants me but can't say it directly.so i want him.changmin,i do!

credits to:Kristine from group dbsk@multiply

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