27 January, 2008

driving test+learning back

A'kum n ello..

ainun helped me called metro today...i called them yesterday but nobody answered the phone...and i tried this afternoon,but nobody answered,again~...so i asked ainun to helped me reserve for tomorrow...and then she called them...after a long wait,the metro told her that our jpj test will be held this 21st feb,the same day like fatin hashim's test....and i was kinda like,woo~lucky me..but wow,so sorry for fatin cos she suppose to do the test on this Thursday..but cos of the Chinese new year holiday,the jpj kinda like busy for her...so what i expect before totally happen,that is she will take the test with us...

so fatin,don't be shy or lazy...bake some muffins for me and give me on that day..!


anyway...mak cik azah and aiman won't be home until Wednesday..so..this house will be a lil bit quiet without mak cik azah's nag and aiman's noise...but i don't mind about mak cik azah cos she always not home...but aiman?..ah~..gonna miss his noise....and kinda sad to know that he won't be here for my sis' 16th birthday...

btw,i think i have to start reading some learning books...i better read the biology and chemistry books and even have to revise some maths cos i think my brain is being a lil bit rusty cos to be honest,the only bio thing that i'd done after spm is watching House,the only chemistry thing that i'd done is cough medicine cos i drank some cough med last 3 days, and also the only calculation that i'd done after spm is thinking about how much money should i ask from my father....LORH~...i'll be an idiot if my brain is not working efficiently like it should be...so..gotta start unload the revision books from the plastic bags!

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