24 January, 2008

job hunting

A'kum n ello...

went to shah alam mall,then to pkns,then to sacc,then to alam sentral...went to shah alam mall with amalina...her ucu sent us there...before that...when i was still sleeping in the morning around 11am,got a call from amalina asking about job-hunting..so...i said ok about it and went together with her and hani...then arrive at mall,and hani joined us after that...saw ah hin and syefah when we thought about asking for job at KUMON..ah hin asked us what we're doing...we told them that we just want to hang out...ah hin then asked about the DBSK's new album then...i told her that i already burn the whole album and she made an expression like "burn?pathetic~" something like that..i don't really mind cos it's not like i want to sell the burn cds to other peeps aite?...it's not like i want to do pirate bussiness..so..i immediately say byebye to her and then we off to KUMON...

we went to KUMON and the place was close maybe cos it's during lunch hour..and so we think it's better to start searching at other places...so we went to pkns by bus...there's nothing in pkns though..maybe cos we didn't search enough..but that place only have a lot service work instead of office work...then went to sacc...saw that Watson has a job vacancy...both hani and amalina want that job...but both too shy to ask about it...or maybe cos hani think about the fluent english that the job need...then went to Anakku...asked if they have any job vacancy...they said they don't have any...so went to other place..saw that SOX ask for a full-time job...ask the woman there...and she said the place apply for the age 21 and above cos they need someone permanently...so...rejection after rejection...saw this place..it's like a boutique...saw the job vacancy notice outside the shop...so..we tried...the lady there asked for our contact details and so on...and so she said she will call us...

the day went like that....asked hani and amalina do they want to play bowling tomorrow...hani said she wants to search another job...and amalina said she want to join her...and so i don't think i want to play bowling without them...wanna tell ainun that i think we can continue our driving lesson tomorrow...but i think it'll be too sudden if i told her like that..so just do it like we plan then...next monday~

and also,had lunch at alam sentral...order nasi pataya and share hani's tom yam..i think i never ate lunch with nasi pataya before...anyway..the tom yam was awesome!!!!!!!!!!....i want to eat at that place again..!

and then got a call from my dad on the way home...he wants me to search at the internet about the flight to Medan...he wants to buy a ticket for my maid cos her dad passed away....mak cik azah also asked me to look at the internet and send a sms to her about it after that...then when i look at the internet,there was something that i dunno about..so i called mak cik azah about it...and she answer the phone saying something like"sms mak cik azah" and then she immediately hung up...i was to kick her.

but still,it's not something i have to be piss about cos i always hung up on her...

that's all..

i'm a lil bit piss about something other than that right now..

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Anonymous said...

I used to work as a part time crew at McDonalds...loads off rfee meals! (considering tht i really love that double cheese burger and that choc sundae) :)

Maybe she's in an important meeting that cant be interuppted with phone calls??