18 January, 2008

A'kum n ello..

just got back from visiting Pak Uda's house..he is my late-mum's older brother...and currently,he is sick..i don't know what happen to him..i already asked his daughter...she said she also don't know...anyway..he was a lil bit quite today..not as funny as he use to be...but still as kind as always...just rest and pray...

sickness really make you quite..

but the visit was fun...my cousin,ngah(real name:ain) bought us pisang goreng and nasi lemak...just after few minutes at that place,my father called pak uda's phone..and he wants to talk to me...he asked me why we didn't tell him about our visit..and so on and on and on...i was really lazy to explain to him about what we(my bro,sis and i) doing nowadays....and don't ask me why..

anyway..i'm thinking about the a-level stuff and also about what me and my sis will cook for sunday...to be honest,i don't have any idea what to cook...i search at the internet,google 'resipi untuk ayah'..and one of the results i got was cekodok untuk ayah....cool!..i told my friends yesterday that maybe i will cook porridge for him...hahahaha....God knows how i really want them right now...

about the book that i currently reading right now(stephenie meyer's Twilight)...i search about the book in the net cos i thought i heard there's a movie name Twilight..so i just wanna check it..then..i found out that VERY thick Twilight book has a sequel...and also that book will have a movie...and the one who play the hot vampire is Robert Pattinson,the guy who act as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter 4...haish,i really hope there's someone better than him..but tough luck,i'm not the director...

and also here i want to say..if my plan to be a doctor has problem later,maybe i'm planning to be a tour guide..hoho...i just dunno why..maybe cos something like Tokyo Holiday will happen..huhu..dream on~

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