05 January, 2008

brain to spare,her

A'kum n ello..

i think izzo's hatred to my cousin,Nani is slowly influence me...

i think she(nani) got a an ipod..
and bcos before i know that my ipod is alright..
she asked me questions about ipod..
i was damn mad that she asked about how to put the songs to the ipod,and to sync the ipod to the comp..
and i was like..
obviously,i'm mad..

cos my new resolution is being nice to everybody except this only person..
i'll try to be nice to her..
i helped her on and on..
and she asked many questions more and more..
and i told her to do that and that...
and she still asked many questions..
and i was like,"when this will stop??"
then she asked this question that i'm not even bother to remember..
i told her...
thati forgot how to do it cos my ipod already rosak and all..
and then..
she asked another question..
something like,"ROSAK????...NAPE???"
she didn't type it in capital but still,too many ????
and i was annoyed with it..
and so i told her that the ipod got into the washing machine..
and also i informed her that i was busy and i want to to continue doing what i want to do that was watching youtube..
and then..
she send another question"MASUK DALAM WASHING MACHINE??"
i dunno if she has another think cell to spare...~~

and so..
cos i told her i was busy..
i really act like i'm busy and so ignore the question..

and then after my Isya' prayer..
she sent another msg to my phone..
(the whole conversation before was Y!m)
asking me how to remove songs from iPod..

maybe cos the pain in my stomach make me feel too mad..
i'm being nice cos didn't lose my temper to her..
and also being bad too cos being a hypocrite..
but maybe i'm mad at her cos i suddenly remember about My Bed...

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