31 January, 2008

A'kum n ello..

read this article about Liverpool...about the fans want to buy the club from the american owner...and wow...!!!...you know,i have this dream..that my husband is a billionaire...and he isn't that passionate about Liverpool like me but still,he support Liverpool..but then eventually he will become a passionate Liverpool supporter like me and so he will buy the Liverpool club and manage it like a true Liverpudlian...and i'm the happiest woman in the world not bcos i'm the wife of a liverpool owner..but because i can know all crap of gossips about Liverpool from my husband's mouth rather than the british tabloid...

anyway,back to the story...the Liverpool fans want to buy the Liverpool club...cos they think that this ownership from foreigners and rich people just thinking about the profit than the club tradition itself...to make matter worse,the owner is not even a Liverpool nor a football fan....so why must a club with a long and brilliant history like Liverpool is owned by someone like that rather than the fans itself..?..so the fans think like that..and so they form a company(?) with the name of Share Liverpool FC..fans united to protect Liverpool from falling down...and this is why i love Liverpool so much...they're passionate and protective and also proactive..coolio~

anyway...liyana and ah hin came to my house...ah hin wanted to give me stuff that she bought for me from Times Square yesterday..she bought a DBSK poster and sticker of changmin...so good~~!...and then..she told me that they bought stuff from the cd shop there...the cd shop sells very cheap jdramas...example:yukan club is rm19.90 and that drama is one of the newest drama that shown in Japan...the cd shop in shah alam sells the stuff with rm49.90...too expensive for a person like me..haish~....so i asked liyana to go there next week cos i don't think i won't be busy next week..and she said she ok with it...ah hin also said she maybe join us too..so yeay!!!

k...the friend of mine that i want to tell today is Liyana...everybody know that liyana is a very2 nice person...i can say that nobody ever seen liyana lose her temper cos she always that happy go lucky girl and always make stupid jokes and always being bubbly and always smile...she's that kind of person..she is understanding and everybody can friend with her...she is Liyana,everybody will think she is theirs but she's not...ahahaha~...anyway...i've seen her in a sad mode before...but she never that moody when that happens(unlike me)..she just shove it off like she can handle it herself...but sometimes,she can be a lil bit insensitive..her jokes were sometimes a lil bit cruel,like this one time,when she asked me to wait for her to give 'santan' to her...she asked me to wait across the road and she'll be there to take it..so i wait for her then...but she never arrive..i wait for her for almost 10minutes(kot)..and she still didn't arrive...and so i sms-ed her and she said she was only joking...and i was like,"LIYANA!!!!!!!!!"...that was the time i was very mad at her...she apologize after that..anyway...i seldom told her my big probs to her...cos she'll make this concern face when you tell her your problem..and so i don't want to see that...

my nickname to her is Liyana Giler and ah hin called her Liyana Loser...the reason i called her that cos she always make crazy sound...anyway..liyana told me before that i was the only person who knows her weakness..ahah...she's easy to understand...but i have to love her eventhough sometimes her insensitiveness makes me annoyed..ahah...

ta then!
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