29 January, 2008

acu's house!

A'kum n ello..

last night..had dinner at acu's house...we did it secretly without telling mak cik azah cos we brought aiman...you know what mak cik azah's opinions about the tg malim's peeps..she thinks they are someone that was born for her to be sworn enemies...

anyway..aiman was sleeping on our way there...it was his sleeping time....so when we reached there,acu and her kids woke aiman up...i was like"hey hey"...cos you know,eventhough it looks easy to make him sleep,but that is one of the stressful thing to do..then,aiman woke up and look at everybody..acu's kids were so happy to see him...cos it was the first time aiman came to their house courtesy to mak cik azah who don't want them to get involve with aiman's life...and for the first 30minutes or so,aiman was quiet cos still not recognize his new surrounding...or maybe cos mak cik azah already sent a warning signal to him before he met acu for the first time...

anyway..after the 30minutes,he steadily become himself,become more friendly and playful...he wasn't that active yet...but then...my dad asked acu to try his new car..acu loves to to drive...she is a maniac in driving...you can say that most of the tg malim peeps are maniac in driving...my late mother was one of them..her driving style was very cool cos she drove very fast..hoho...and when acu drove the mercedes,she drove it like a maniac racer...my sis who is a coward when people drive a car too fast was scared on the way my acu drive..but still,when i was in the car while acu was driving,it was nostalgic..haven't felt that kind of maniac feeling for a long time...

and aiman,he became active after that...being himself is good but he really kate with his bedtime..

and so..that's all for the night of last night...and i was too tired,i missed Likable or Not last night...haish~

tata then!

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