03 February, 2008


A'kum n ello...

i'm very2 happy but mostly,i'm relieved...very2 relieved...Liverpool back to winning ways..!..hoho...okay,it's only the first win in the premiership since the start of 2008,but i'm very happy cos of the criticism and all stuff i heard about Liverpool,i'm relieved that i can finally smile cos those crap can finally stop...however,i won't read any article about the match except in the liverpool web cos the match wasn't that good match from Liverpool...Sunderland got 2 penalties turned down and Liverpool got a penalty that some people will think it's not even a penalty...so,some critics from the stupid footie pundits will be heard later..so i don't want to hear some stupid stuff..

glad that torres scored a goal...haven't feel the thrill to see him score for some time...

anyway..got another good news...my father said yes about the korean class...he didn't mind i join the class...hoho..!!..coolio!!..yeay!...hani said i think too much about asking my father cos in the end,it was an easy task when i asked my father...i asked about joining the class to him..and he asked how much...and i said about rm400++...and then he asked"for how long?"..i told him that it will be 10 class..and then he paused a lil bit..but then i add"kawan alia drive alia pi situ"..then he said ok...so yeay!..hoho...cool~...success!

so changmin,just wait for me to say 'YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE' in korean....hoho..

ta then!
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