02 February, 2008


A'kum n ello..

i've just realize this..my maid will be home 3rd Feb...that is,on Sunday...and tomorrow mak cik azah will be home,and only have to left aiman with me and my sis during the morning cos she need to go to the market with my dad..hehe...so..i won't need to sweat my life then..

ok2..i forgot the laundry and other things..but still,i don't need to sleep a baby....huhu..~..that's heaven..cos the most tired and stressful thing to do while taking care of aiman is making his sleep...and now that will end...huhu..i'm FREE!!!!...i will go back to my own life..!...that is,being lazy and wake up late and go out with my friends with no excuse...huhu...

k..tata then!
  • currently listening to Big Bang's goodbye baby...
  • only another part of DBSK's waratte iitomo to download..

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