10 November, 2011

Unlucky Thursday

A'kum n ello.

i'm back from Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

i'll blog about it later.(???)

what i want to blog about is my recent Unlucky Thursday.

remember that i blogged in the previous post that i said i'll have Mandarin Listening& Oral test?

let just say, that the listening test was postponed to another day and the Oral test was a disaster.

by disaster, it means, "it was a wrecked"

the day before the test itself, i had to finish 2 things; lab report and mind map. i finished both before 10pm. then, i studied for the Mandarin Test. i slept at 1.30am because i suddenly dreamed about looking at my curtains (weird, i know).

i woke up around 5.40am, and continue understanding more hanyu pinyin words. i studied hard with a relax mode.

then, at 8.25am, i went to class. obviously, i arrived 10minutes later than usual.

saw my classmates waiting outside the lecture hall, and instantly i knew that the test already started.


i was like a girl who was waiting for my turn to pee. my mind went blank. my Chinese pronunciation sounded like those Apek that speak weird malay words, except that...... T-T

and when it was my turn, my Laoshi (Mandarin teacher) found out that i had no partner and told me to wait. as i was the last person, and i had no partner, the Laoshi became my partner.

which, you know, made my Panic mode increased to the Danger level.

the tests consisted of 2 parts:

  • translate the Malay questions to Mandarin and,
  • answer 'your partner's' questions in Mandarin.
the 1st part: it was quite OK
eventho i was confused between Doctor (Yisheng) with Hospital (Yiyuan).

the 2nd part: DISASTER
the one who asked me the questions were my Laoshi. 
he's a pure Chinese. he talks Mandarin in his daily life. he eats Chinese food. he looks like a Chinese. and he teaches me Chinese. OBVIOUSLY, his Mandarin is really good and fluent and speedily spoken. and how the hell someone who just learned Mandarin for 2 months (not include the time she learned in the kindergarten) could understand his words?

and so, it was a disaster.
except that ONE question.

Laoshi: Ni de Nan Pengyou shi shei? (who is your boyfriend?)
Alia: Wo de Nan Pengyou shi JAY CHOU.  (my boyfriend is Jay Chou)

my Laoshi only nod at first, and when he understood fully what i just said, he was surprised at my 'witty' answer.

lucky me, he didn't ask me to sing his songs.... (the only Jay Chou's song i know is Yi Lu Xiang Bei, that Initial D's OST)

and after the test ended, i said sorry to the Laoshi cos THAT was a very very bad test. he just smiled sadly. i was too traumatic to speak in Mandarin after that, i didn't even say "xie xie"(thank you) to him after class.

Ho Laoshi, xie xie.
(from the inner heart of Alia Othman's)

the unlucky part didn't end there.

my Omnia went into the toilet.....DRAIN.
TOILET DRAIN, OK? not toilet BOWL! toilet DRAIN. it's that hole at the floor, not that hole INSIDE THE TOILET BOWL,OK? don't be confused.

anyway, i did some rescue mission for that Omnia which kinda a waste cos now, the Omnia is dead. no chance to revive.

and i end up using my old Nokia E61i. which is quite ok. but still, a bit dissatisfied cos the camera from that phone is really2 bad.....

oh well.

blog end.

thanks for reading :)

i'll end the post with a story of 'Alena and the kittens'

Alena saw 2 kittens.

Alena: oooh. i want to touch it.
Kittens: ignore this little human.

Alena: dear kitty kitty.
Kittens: *IGNORE.*

Alena: GOT CHA! 
(she pulled the tail)
White Kitty: NO!!!!!!!!!

Alena: oh wait. what is this?
White Kitty: i'm free......
Choco Kitty: haha. this little baby human......erm?

Choco Kitty: NOOOOO!! GO AWAY!!!!


today is Thursday.

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