11 May, 2009

partner in talking.

A'kum n ello.........

i'm bored.


i want to go somewhere.
but where?haha.

hrm.do you ever wonder...why the water is transparent?...why water is too clear?...when i watched domoto kyoudai,koichi was excited about it,and people stop him from talking more...and i was like,i wanna know lor....

don't you ever wonder about it..

GOD's creation is really mysterious...if i have the brain to know more about it,maybe i'll do a research about it...why oh why...haha...

and do you ever wonder,where words come from..?....

they said name come from whatever hit their mind...do words appear like that too?


it like,when i say is.then i wonder. where IS come from?..
do you understand that?...haha..dunno if you do.

but anyway..i like facebook..cos my friends update it almost everytime..but that thing make me dizzy...if you have more than 1000 friends,then all of them do the quiz things...and then they publish it at the update thing,don't you think that kinda mess your head up....

maybe i'm the one who feel that...people just love to send request that and that....ai~~

but nvm..suit yourself.as long as you're happy,i'm also happy..

maybe i'll play the ps2 later...i'll just play samurai orochi...haha..

oh akmali~thanks for the passionate conversation about games ney~~..haha...glad that i can talk to her about it...

ah..when i think about it...it's nice that i have a partner for all of my conversation.

here's my 'talk' partner based on my interest.haha
  • Liverpool : amier
  • Korea: aqilah
  • Life : hani
  • music : nazneen,emi.
  • drama : emi,noi
  • manga : noi.
  • study : ainun.
  • game : akmal
that's all i think.haha..nice~~

i have to say,being a the person who always sit beside the driver is a tiring job cos you have to talk and talk and talk just so the driver won't fall asleep suddenly..

lucky that aqilah have me.imagine if it's kim c.or kim c's friend.haha

k now.

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