16 May, 2009

drove to pasar

A'kum n ello..

k...i woke up quite early today..around 7.21am..
i was getting ready to go to Pasar Meru..hoho...

i drove the car to that pasar.haha.

i have to say,i'm sure a change person.last time,i'll be damn nervous and will be pissed off in anything when i drive,and will get scared of hitting other people cars and all...but nothing like that happen when i drove the car..hoho..


anyway..i had to wait for more than 1hour++ for my maid to finish her 'duties' i.e buying the fish and chicken and veggies...

she was slow,unlike her usual pasar-day...i was waiting in the car(nothing to do at the pasar) and i read the story book that i bought from ikram's sis's garage sale,Francine Pascal's Caitlin...and maybe bcos i'm a very fast reader,during that one hour,i nearly finish half of the book..


kinda miss my hobby as a reader..but story books nowadays are really common,aite?

i miss the aura when i read some story books...the last book that gave me a brilliant aura with it was Twilight...haha..maybe cos it was cheap and thick,and so i never expect it'll be that good..

(pity to the people who bought it for RM39.90)

anyway..any good story book that you can recommend to me?i'm a universal.i read all kind of books.hoho to that.

oh.i download Beauty Pop manga...dunno if that story is good or not..the rating for the manga is good.it's shoujo after all..haha!


Noi and Mimi will be in Malaysia!!
yeay to that!

don't think mimi is thinking about me tho..haha!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

ta then!


fareez fadzil... said...

jeffrey archer's novels...
nice readings~
he can tell story well...
>ma frens recommended, juz read 1 tho'... <

Alia Liverpool said...

jeffrey archer's eh?..
nnt try check...
membaca amat baik ntuk minda..;P