17 May, 2009


A'kum n ello..

i love books.
i adore them.
i hug them.
i put them on my head,and suddenly realize i sleep with it.

that's what books to me.
however,books like Campbell's Biology textbook is a NO-NO for sleeping.if you read it,and when you sleep with it,it'll eventually be on ur chest.
and fyi,that book is gigantic and heavy.so,say "hello,next world~~"

but that book is nice to read.if you like facts,that is.
something like,do you ever wonder why there exist a lake that is RED in colour...and not the pure,clear water?
that's bcos there are certain bacterias that have RED CAPSULEs that live in the lake,therefore the lake is red.and not clear.

that's for educational books.

and now for fiction.

i love meg cabot's.
meg cabot is a brilliant author.she can write young adult,horror and adult books.and her writing is witty.but her writing is not classy,but still nice for modern writing.

and if i meant classy,someone like JK Rowling is like that..however,her writings only limited to Harry Potter series..nothing much than that..but still,the success of the series show how good her writing and imagination is...and that's wow me..

and have you ever read a book,that you think is nothing,but after you read it,it's totally brilliant,you never thought it'll be like that?

for me,it should be Jamila Gavin's Coram Boy, Stephanie Meyer's Twilight and Ramlee Awang Mursyid's Pei Pan.

why you wonder.

6years ago,a friend of mine let me borrow Coram Boy...i borrowed that cos there this Liverpool word on the cover of the book..but the dull cover of the book made me read the book 2 years after that...the friend of mine was transferred to Kolej Tunku Kurshiah..and since then,i never met her...
k,back to the story...so 2 years after i borrowed the book,i read it...and i felt wow after reading it..i never know that Liverpool's harbour was famous of the slaves trade...and i never know that people will collect babies and buried them..i never know that people can have sex at the age of 14-15(i didn't learn about sex until i was 15)...and i never know that in the old days that they use orphans as human toys...

i learnt plenty of things from reading the book..and the book is suppose to be for Children..but the english is very wow for children...and it's an award winning book...and after i read the book,my heart was beating so fast (it usually did whenever i get excited over a book) and SIMPLY BRILLIANT!

Twilight is something else...i read it when nobody read it...i read it when the price was RM19.90...i read it when the book is not even shown at the BEST-SELLERS shelf...i bought it cos i have a RM100 MPH coupon,and i want to buy 3 books with it,and i found Twilight,which only cost RM19.90,at the Award Winning shelf,and nobody even go to that shelf cos most books for Award Winning shelf are very lame(i love that shelf,cos there's only me who will go there.me,alone.),and i think Twilight is really affordable for a thick book..and when i read it,i was like "BLOODY HELL" to this edward guy cos he really do something that all girls love...hot and charming and protective...

and like usual,when i read a book that i like,i'll look for it at google..and i found out there'll be a movie,and i was depressed cos Edward is robert pattinson...ai~~...

anyway,back to the book,it was brilliant~!full stop.but maybe cos of the movies and the increase price of the books,so i never think about buying New Moon,Eclipse and Breaking Down..

and then Pei Pan.it's a malay novel.i borrowed the book from my school's library...and the book is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was like,OH MY GOD.i feel like i'm in a hong kong movie or japanese yakuza world...it was brilliant!...i never expect it'll be that good,so that's more than wow for me...my heart was beating so fast that i was thinking,"no no no,it won't happen like that"

that book is unpredictable.something you expect will never happen.but something you never expect will happen.that pretty much sums up why i think this book is brilliant.

all 3 books are award-winning books.


i don't think some people will like the books that i read.

i love Meg Cabot's nicola and the viscount.but some people don't like it cos it's classic.tho Hani loves that book.Ainun and Emi don't like it..
some people loves Dorothy Koomson's my best friend's girl.i?i hate that book.lucky i bought that book for rm13.90.(now,the book is rm32.90++)
some people loves Cecilia Ahern's books..i?i like it but not totally adore it.
some people totally in love with Sophie Kinsella's can you keep a secret?..i?i hate that book.funny or not,i just don't like that character.
oh btw,i don't like Shopaholics.

but i'll try to watch the movies.

oh.i couldn't bring myself to read stephen king's and nicolas sparks' books...i dunno why...

but there this book that i love the writing but i never try myself to continue reading it.
The Clique,Gossip Girls and The It-Girl.
maybe the brattiness is just too much.haha.

tho there this book that i really want to read,but i forgot the title of it.ai~..but never mind then.

ta then!

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