03 May, 2009


A'kum n ello.





Alhamdulillah is the only word i can say right now..

with the limit time and my fear of the subject,i answered nearly all the questions that were given,and feel proud of it..!!

i should be proud....hehe.
i'm not that confident if my answers are all correct,but i have to say i know most of it...

my fear are all HILANG!!!

and now have to wait for basic chemistry and biochem...
CTU151 and BEL260?gambarimas!

and thanks to hani bcos something like this happened last night.

alia messaged hani.
hani!!kt ngantuk,penat and xde mood nak belajar.ah!!!camne ni!!!!!!!!
hani replied.
ALIA.AJA2 HWAITING!!YOU CAN DO IT!roommate kt pun tgh belajar.kt belajar kejap lagi. kt nak tido dulu.
alia replied.
awak rasa kt patut tdo dulu ke?
hani replied:
tidola jela.nanti bile bangun kitorg belajar same.
alia replied:
ok.awak jadi alarm kt k?kt set 3 alarm.2 dari phone,1 dari awak.call kt kul 12.
hani replied:
ok.nnt kite call awak.
so i went to sleep.but i couldn't sleep.and so i read the notes,eventually,i fell asleep.and so hani called.
and so i said"kt tgh tido.nnt awak gerak kt kul 2."

hani said ok.hahahahaha.nice~~

and so..

at 2am,she called.man,how can she have a fresh voice?she's sure not tired.

and so i have to wake up bcos i think it was nice of her to call me just to wake me up.and so i studied.

for 40minutes only.

and then doze off cos i couldn't take it anymore.nothing go inside my head.tho i memorized the formula of the generation time and growth rate of the bacteria before i went to sleep.

so i sleep.nicely.and wake up at 7.30am.(i went back to sleep after my Subuh prayer)...and had a last minute check up of the notes and had my exam which went nicely.

and thanks to hani cos most the things that i read last night after she woke me up were on the exam..cool~

hopefully,what i answered is pretty much accepted by Mr O cos i don't think i have any nonsense answers..huhu.

k.i was happy with my current form right now,that's why i blogged happily and did the tag just now....

k now..

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