01 May, 2009

jamie bell is griffin.

A'kum n ello.

my curiousity end.

you know the guy that played Griffin in Jumper?..
i was wondering who is that guy..
i've seen him in some movie before,but what?

and my brother said he was the best one in Jumper...Hayden Christensen was like gay,being so touchy and romanticist and sweet...ceh~...

then,found out who that Griffin guy..
and he is Jamie Bell,that billy elliot boy;the ballerina...haha~~~

i miss Billy Elliot..
maybe later will borrow the cd from liyana...if she even know where the hell she put the cd...

ta then..

curiousity end.and it's 1.16am..and some last minute reading of microbiology is needed and i'm happy that i don't need to send my sis to school tomorrow,cos i'll definitely wake up late tomorrow and i still haven't revise any organic chemistry.


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