18 May, 2009

happy birthday ahhin! and alone.

A'kum n ello..

you know.
today is Ah Hin's birthday..
i already congratulate her around 12.30am.

TANJOUBI OMODETTO!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

dunno when will i buy her present.
i'm really broke now.haha.

i'm jealous with my maid.she went out everyday meeting anybody that she knows.
and i'm still here,at home,read mangas and domoto kyoudai and also in front of the computer.

i saw afiqah ariff's facebook...she was messaging with adzrin about going out this friday...
ooh..don't think i'll go tho...i'm totally broke right now...ai~

but whatever.i think stay at home,in this current time is maybe better for me.hoho.

i have this thinking.
go to KL,alone.and just window-shop,alone.
maybe i'm a person that loves to be alone.so i think what i did when emi went dating with her boyfriend was really interesting.

she was with him,
and i was shopping alone.
it was nice cos i don't have to hear a 2nd opinion to choose clothes for me.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

maybe bcos it's a first time for me,so i love it.haha.

let just say,when you're alone,you don't have to think about what other person is thinking,and what problem will happen..

but maybe this is just the time for me to be by myself.
i'm a simple thing.
i hate people suddenly give me problems and make my head suddenly mess-up eventhough it's not even mine.
maybe i'm just selfish,or maybe i'm just too nice to even care.

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