07 May, 2009

trying to be positive here~~

A'kum n ello...

reminder for next semester.

you can do a last minute study,but never ever have a 1-hour sleep for your exam.
it should be more than that.the 1-hour,i mean.

seriously,my brain was too swollen,i think..that i couldn't concentrate nicely...maybe i shouldn't sleep after my study..i should just karaoke-ing or just enjoying myself or do anything that will not make me sleepy...

cos really tho,after my study,i only sleep for around 1.5hours...and after that,nearly all the things that i read became blur...


what a bad way of study.

dunno if my luck for biochem will be good,hope it'll be good tho...cos kp said my carrymark is better than her...

better la sangat...
haha.maybe around 20++/47
bloody bad.

but whatever,hopefully...please~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!make me pass!!!

k now.

  • got a flu right now.can't guarantee if it's swine flu cos nothing is 100% guarantee in life..but still,i can assure you that i never been to place outside malaysia except singapore,indonesia and thailand.hoho to that.
  • ooh akmali..ape game best skarg?...cos after exam nak main ps2..hoho..and game lawan2 dey..me tak minat the sims...haha..tenkiu cucuku~~!

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