05 May, 2009


A'kum n ello...

maybe i shouldn't tell you this...
but i was LOL so much when i know this..

apparently,there WAS/is a museum at japan...i forgot what it called...something like Hikoshi...and that place is not just a normal museum..it's an ero museum.....(found out:it's hihoukan)

ero as in erotic.

that is.
you guess it right.


if you go to this web about tourist guidance in japan..(example: japanvisitor.com)..they recommended this place for the best spot to go in Japan..haha...

some people said this museum already closed tho....but i'm not sure...

tho if you 'ala~~~' with it,don't worry,there still a sex museum at amsterdam,new york and china and other 'internet website'...hahaha~

read that,you pervert??

thanks to Domoto Kyoudai who make me curious about the culture of Japan..haha

ta then!

i don't care what you think about me and this post..i'm a person that think of logic and only think that sex is a necessity of life and not some pervert hobby....if you think this post is pervert for you,it means you're immature..bcos i blog about this just to spread my knowledge to you people...and keep your curiousity to yourself about how do i know this...cos i'm a person who enjoy general knowledge by watching japanese variety shows...(apparently,it was rumoured that domoto koichi went to this place.haha)

again.suit yourself.
ta again.

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