28 May, 2009

tickets.where can i?

A'kum n ello..

i read from facebook,that the tickets for the Liverpool vs S'pore match already sold out at Malaysia.

kinda like,15000 already sold.

kidding aite?


i'm bummed right now.

i was exercising my face by watching 1N2D(yeah.laugh~)...and then,i online,and looked at my facebook,and saw this fans talked about the tickets...

heard that the tickets at penang is not sold out yet...blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

but still,do you think my father THAT generous to me?

once,i told him that i want to go to Liverpool.

and then he said "Liverpool tu sejuk la alia"



i have 2 options if i want to go to Liverpool.

i have to study really hard and get the Dean.
cos i'll ask for a Liverpool ticket.
microbiology is hard,you know.you think you can pass 3.5 easily?

have to study hard and apply for Liverpool uni for my degree.
i'm lucky tho.UiTM's microbiology diploma program is recognize by the overseas.except,MONEY~~~~!!

save some money to go to Liverpool.

with the spirit of Liverpool and the no give up thingy,the 1st and 2nd option can happen.
except the 2nd one tho,cos MONEY suddenly pop up.ai~

yeah rite.
i can't even save some money to buy DBSK's secret code album,how can i save some money to go to Liverpool,watch a match,and even shopping?
do you know how much a ticket match cost at Anfield???

truthfully,i'm not sure myself.

i don't want to have my hopes up tho.
but sometimes,you just have to think the positive eventho it's kinda irrelevant.

that's all.
ta then!

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