21 May, 2009

mei-chan no shitsuji and nobuta bag

A'kum n ello..

lazy activity no.5 (i think) already done!

a.k.a mei-chan's butler.

terribly funny!!!

if you like hana kimi,maybe you'll like this drama,THAT,if you don't mind about spoil brats.

like hana kimi,the main characters are the one that bored you the most.but in hana kimi also,the supporting characters are the ones that make you laugh and think the drama is fun.

mei-chan no shitsuji is that kind of drama.
main characters that you want to kick,but extras that you want to hug...huhu.

the butler is mizushima hiro(the one who acted as nanba-senpai in hana kimi) and that guy sure is hot,tho not as hot as hana kimi.

and eikura nana isn't that cute like i thought she'll be.

but takeru sato is MOE~~~~~~!
but i want kiba-chan!!!he is the cutest butler in the world!!!yeay!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

i don't think you people already watch that drama.but it's a must watch drama for me.
THAT if you happen to like spoil brats.haha.spoil brats make me laugh.that's why.but they sure are cute.huhu.

but still,i'm wondering what happen if i have my own butler.i think that butler will be my future husband.haha.why?not sure how to explain it.but if my butler is someone like Niles (the nanny) or Alfred (batman), i think i don't need a butler after all.hoho.

and another thing that happy me the most,is the image below.

the nobuta bag.

I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
i can use it like horikita maki's use it.with the nobuta power,i'll beat biomolecular chemistry for next semester class.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
hoho to that.

k now.
i dunno what to do after this.my hardworking mode is not on yet.ai~

ta then!
  • FYI, if you watch Nobuta Wo Produce,you know why i love that bag.hoho.

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