13 May, 2009

new layout and garage sale.

A'kum n ello..

i change the layout...don't think this is the best tho..but still, a change is needed...black is boring me,but i dunno,i just think this layout is something that will change me..

dunno what the reason to 'change' but still,it's a nice thing..huhu...

but the blog now is kinda neat rite?..haha...sure is nice...
have to adapt the way of looking 'at the right of the cbox'..haha!

i sure want more colourful layout tho..but nvm.

oh btw,i know many people already know ikram,so,just wanna inform you that the neighbour of mine is having a garage sale for 3 days,starting from today till thursday,at 11am-5pm,i think...her sister the one who take care of the garage sales tho...my sis bought this cool shirt...and i bought 2 old story books(why?cost only about RM3)...and some shoes and bags...the bags and shoes aren't my type tho,but it was alright...and there's also hamsters for sale..~..haha!..and some stuff that i don't care to know about..

and let me remind you,for the people who want to buy the clothes there,better check your body type cos ikram's sis is super skinny...haha.

k now..

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