27 May, 2009

tv and new things

A'kum n ello..

have to say,i really haven't watch tv as much as i want nowadays.

just now,i watched Ghost Whisperer,then Ugly Betty(some of it),Desperate Housewives and Chit-chat of the Beautiful Ladies.

realize after that,that i missed many things eventhough i stay at home during my studies.haha.

the only thing that i watch during the non-semester days are House MD,1n2d and the Liverpool matches.

other than that,na-da.

i tried watching Boys Before Flower tho.then i stop cos too many lab reports need to be done.haha.

before the semester start,i have to enjoy myself and watch TV as much as i want.haha.

i had to laugh when i watched Desperate Housewives.i love lynette's family.her husband is like the best husband in the world.and also,maybe bcos he looks like gerrard,so i smitten when i look at his face.haha!!!!

when i watched Chit-chat of the Beautiful Ladies just now,i was laughing like crazy..the foreigners really are something.

do you know that korean husbands let their wives handle their account?
and also,do you know that korean men love young women?
and also,do you know that most countries have song to memorize the multiplication table?

oh.btw,Chit-chat of Beautiful Ladies is a talk-show among beautiful foreigners around the world.they share their point of view in everything that happen in life.something like,do Germans have that kind of thing?which one is spicier,mexican food or korean food?something like that.kinda interesting if you wanna know about new things.

and you might think that the ladies are beautiful,so you think they're bimbos.nope,most of them are hillarious.haha.
maybe bianca is like that.but she's cute.so people can forgive her.

and btw,you can watch the show at KBSworld(chn 303),Tuesday,11.20pm.

there's no interesting tv shows that you can watch around that time,so try watch it.haha.

i'm just bored.so i just let you know about this.

and if you want to know what life for malaysian at germany,try this person's blog.i know him cos he visited my blog and also bcos he's a Liverpool fan.hoho.interesting blog btw.

hope you don't mind that i link your blog.hoho.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

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