05 May, 2009

DBSK's kobe concert

A'kum n ello..

see this.

this is the entrance for the fans(only the premium seaters) that came to the DBSK's concert at Kobe,Japan...they're having a tour around Japan rite now...and with an entrance like this,who wouldn't come to the concert~~!it's like a wedding,but more posh...haha...

if i go to the concert,i'll feel like i'm getting married to changmin..hahahaha~~!!

pity that the 2 concerts that i went,only have fat security guards that asked about camera and water bottle...

but still,among my wishes,i want to go to DBSK's seoul concert or their concert at Tokyo Dome...cos these things are not something that happen often...


Tokyo Dome.wish i could go.

oh,do you know that Junsu is injured right now?..apparently,he hurt his leg and had to sing with a wheelchair...Junsu-yah~~get well soon!!

ta then!!

credit image: orionsroad@LJ

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