18 May, 2009

Kiss and man.

A'kum n ello..

i read Kiss and Eikaiwa School Wars..

matsumoto tomo's work in Eikaiwa School Wars is better than Kiss...tho many people prefer Kiss than E.S.W...

Kiss is good,but too many kissing~~~...
ok,kissing is like the sweetest thing in manga...
to tell you the truth,the kissing part is the most awaited scene for me whenever i read a manga...
but in this manga,every chapter will have it,that you're getting bored with this kiss-thing.
eventhough it's sweet and nice,but when it happen frequently,you just get bored with it.haha.

i don't mind if someone kiss me everyday,but in manga,don't you think it'll get boring?
but anyway,even if in real life,if kissing happen everyday,and you eventually get bored with it,you eventually think about the next step,right?
oh.you know what i mean by next step blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

other thing, i don't like the guy character...he's hot with dark hair and cool vibe...but he is just something~..
cool+macho kind of feeling...and also protective..something that most woman like,but weirdly enough,i hate it...

i like the guy character in Eikaiwa School Wars tho..oddly enough,i dunno why..he kissed that girl with no meaning..but i like him...he doesn't want to let the girl go..but he just mum about it...

maybe it's true.
when it comes to men.
the thing that you hate is the thing you love the most.

i hate this.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

the phrase only true towards someone that you have a crush only.

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