17 May, 2009

malaysia beauty forum

A'kum n ello..

click this if you curious.

i was thinking about Lee Minho's etude CM(blame asya for this cos we kinda talked about it ;p)..and i came across this forum,MalaysianBabes.net...

i'm a woman..so maybe i can learn some tips to be more feminine bcos i'm really bad about this girly stuff..

and so..
i read..
and read..
and read...

yeah.cold shudder~~~

i don't understand a thing.

i never know that make-up is that difficult~!
something like,"This mascara does not curl as much as my Maybelline Volume Express Hypercurl, but at least holds up decently. I previously tried that Revlon Telescopic mascara Penelope Cruz was endorsing and it just made my eyelashes that I just curled with my eyelash curler, completely straight"

i was like blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

if people ask me what kind of mascara that i wear,i'll say "maybelline's mascara"...no way i'll say something like Maybelline Volume Express Hypercurl.

oh.i don't wear mascara.i dunno why must i wear it.

and some stuff are really wow for me...i never thought about Vitamin C injection is for people to beautify themselves...if people ask me about Vitamin C injection,i'll just say "that's for people that have malnutrition"...and some people even obses with this Vitamin C injection...whoa to that...

and another thing that wow me is double eyelid surgery...
that sure is wow.

ok,park myung soo had a double eyelid before.and i feel like he should not do it in the first place,bcos surgery like that is only for being healthy,not for being beautiful...(which under park myung soo's circumatance?no difference can be seen)..but still,people in that forum were discussing about it...


ta then.
be healthy and beautiful,k?

exercise is better that liposuction.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
and maybe i'm just being immature about this girly stuff.i thought man love natural beauty,isn't it?

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