30 May, 2009

renew membership.future bright~~~!!

A'kum n ello...

is very tiring.
but also.


i renew my LSCM membership.
LSCM= Liverpool Supporter Club of Malaysia.

and so.
i got a new shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it's more like a jersey,with a big carlsberg logo that i feel urgh.
but still,i renew it!!

and also.

i asked about the tickets for the match Liverpool vs Singapore,and the ladies there said they have this package for the members.

the ticket itself is RM215.
and the other stuff is RM75,including this scarf+transport+bottle,which is bloody good.

and my father doesn't really mind about the number.
but he said he'll pay it later,cos at that time he didn't have enough cash with him.

and also,we kinda think we want the ticket matches only,not the whole package.

and my father told me to call her,but i sent her a sms instead cos of no credit.

and she didn't reply.

the image above reflect what i feel right now.

i really hope i can go.hoho.
if the tickets still there,i'll definitely go.she said i have to pay it as soon as possible.


i went to alamanda with my father,sis,aiman and my maid.

and amier works at the baskin robbin at alamanda.
and so.
i saw him.

and so i said "hi amier"
and ran quickly.but then amier was kinda excited and surprised to see me,and so he stood up and came to me.so i had to slow down.

i was going to tell him about the Liverpool stuff that happen right now.

but my father was rushing to the carpark.haha.

the limited conversation were something like this.

alia: hai amier.
amier: eh.ALIA!!!!
alia: (lari anak2)
amier: (berdiri) pe ko buat kat sini?
alia: aku datang ngan famili je
amier: oh.aqilah mane?
alia: (i already told him that i came here with FAMILY) aku kuar ngan famili.takkan la nk bawak qilah.
amier: pelik gle nampak bdak shah alam kat sini.cam takde tempat lain ko nak datang.
alia: haha.nanti aku ngan qilah datang la kedai ko tu.pastu ko belanje k?
amier: aku x keje skarg ni.
alia: kk.kene cepat.
amier: (peace~!)

that's what happen when you see a tall,fair friend at somewhere you seldom go,and he still wears that hideous spec.

and that's what happen today.

wanna show you the shirt that i got tho.but my sis took my camera to see her Sam(dunno if this is the correct word) of Bunkface.

and also,i don't want to be a very bad+hypocrite person,as long as that girl is not include in the crowd,i won't join.peace~

k now.

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