17 May, 2009

eikaiwa school wars.kiss.akkan baby

A'kum n ello..

i download.

Eikaiwa School Wars and Kiss and also Akkan Baby...


Matsumoto Tomo is the mangaka for Eikaiwa School Wars and Kiss.
Miyauchi Saya for Akkan Baby.

i love Matsumoto Tomo.her work is brilliant!
some people don't like her work tho..cos her 'witty' works are mostly dry jokes...
which something that i really like.haha!
and also,her characters are really REAL and BEAUTIFUL!
especially the guys,too good looking to the max.....it makes me realize why i adore manga men than real man...(except xabi alonso and haruma miura and shim changmin)...


cute encounter before .......

...the girl snatched the LAST sardine(i think so.i forgot)
excerpt from Eikaiwa School Wars

Akkan Baby?..dunno why i really download it..the synopsis are more like this,
High schoolers Yuki and Shigeru aren't dating, but still enjoy a highly active sexual relationship. Naïve and still very child-like in the way they think, it comes as a great shock to them when Shigeru discovers she's pregnant. The two are confronted with the decision of aborting the baby and wounding Shigeru, or to keep it and face great opposition from their parents and high school, and *gasp* miss their beloved Conflict concerts!

i love manga.cos you can learn something visually from it...and eventhough i haven't read Akkan Baby yet,i think i'll learn something from it..i wanna know how young people cope with this kind of problem i.e become parents...

akmali,i'll search ur recommended mangas in 5secs...hoho.

ta then!

  • i drove really fast today when i sent my sis to bukit jelutong..haha...12o km/h...and the fuel decrease very much~ceh...an improvement for me...if i continue my driving like this,i think my P will be suspended...ceh~aha.
  • among the 3 mangas,only 1 of them is a COMPLETE MANGA. Kiss and Eikawa School Wars are ongoing manga.ai~...never mind.lucky those mangas is updated every week...

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