29 May, 2009

torres married?xabi stay,please!

A'kum n ello..

i'm bored.
heavy.the head i mean.

yesterday,i found this rumoured news that said torres had a wedding with his long-time girlfriend.and she is 7-months pregnant.

i think this is only a rumour tho.

cos if you're 7months pregnant,the bump can be seen.
but not her girlfriend.no bump,and she can even go to a crowded place,i.e the Anfield Stadium that have plenty of stairs.
but still,it's a nice thing for him.(if it isn't a rumour)

except the unwed child thing.

but the funny thing is,i found this news at the forum.and most of the replies were something like "HE (torres) said he'll marry me next month!!" and the replies were females and MALES.

the ladies love him.the men totally admire him.


and torres signed an extension contract with Liverpool which is a brilliant news.but also makes me anxious at the same time,cos...


really tho.
with all these rumours about xabi alonso as real madrid no.1 target,i'm less than happy about it.seriously.

oh please.
i really want xabi to stay.
mascherano.please tell xabi to stay.



ta then.

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