26 May, 2009

bleak.Liverpool tickets.

A'kum n ello..

my wish to watch the Liverpool vs Singapore match.................

is very2 bleak.
is that the correct sentence?nvm.

some news that i read somewhere at facebook,said that the tickets are selling fast.


all the image above sums up what i feel right now.

i forgot the most important thing.

Liverpool is not DBSK.

when you talk about DBSK concert in Malaysia,people might think "ah~~byk lagi tiket" cos truthfully,not all people in Malaysia know them.maybe 65%.but still tickets still there.
ok,plus the Singapore and Indonesian fans,i think there still unwanted tickets even with them around.
(cos this is Malaysia.not seoul or tokyo dome)

but when it comes to Liverpool,every people want to go.
especially that Singapore has a very big Liverpool fan-base


and some Malaysians will go to the stadium.
and some indonesians peeps also~~~
and the stadium is not that big.

the future for me to see Liverpool,is very2 dark.

i want to see XABI ALONSO!!

maybe i just have to see him at Liverpool then.

ai again.

i dunno if i even has a chance to watch the match at anfield.heard that tickets always sold out.
and now~~~~~~~~~

carlsberg o carlsberg.
please leave Liverpool.
they'll come to Malaysia if you're not with us.

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