13 May, 2009

football kits

A'kum n ello...

one day,i cam across the Liverpool's forum..and i saw someone said "CHELSEA WILL WEAR A BRA NEXT SEASON!"..so..with that nice phrase to attract people to read his post,i click it and was laughing hard that he was referring to chelsea's new kit...

maybe the man who design it is gay..cos he doesn't have any boobs,so he want this kind of thing..haha.
and to make it more awesome,chelsea players will wear this..haha.

but they can't top this tho.

i'll make it into story...
i was telling my brother about the chelsea wear a bra thing..and my brother was laughing hard about it...and bcos he is a scum fan,he suddenly said "baju m.u buruk gile"

presenting,SCUM's new kit for next season.should be for away games.

imagine ronaldo with this jersey.
i can understand why tevez wanna leave scum...he's not a looker,and to wear something like this,
is total blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

obviously,i like this the most...still keep the tradition...the Liverpool's new away kit...

black with gold trim...only the carlsberg thing make it bad...but still,nicer than the 2 above..haha...

care to tease and object?

to tell you the truth,chelsea's away kit is nice,with white shirt and not 'bra'...but maybe they just want it to be different...you know,just to show their moobs~?

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Aidilf Nordin atau dikenali sebagai Flip said...

the long sleeve version is so adorableeee! it costs u around 40 pounds here in uk, but i bet u'l find it sooner in padang besar!

i beli dulu takde calrsberg, n its wayyyyy cheaper with the SAME quality!

flip flop flap flup