30 May, 2009

night with najwa and hani.hahahahahah!

A'kum n ello..

i sent my sis to seksyen13.
she said there this carnival.i dunno what it's name.but she said bunkface will be there.

then,found out it's someone that she doesn't even know that was there.cos bunkface's performance will be tomorrow.something like that.

and after Maghrib,i was bored.so i called hani and i said i wanna go to her house.and she was very surprised cos it was too sudden.haha.

so i went.
and something a lil bit bad happen.
there's a scratch at 'someone's' car..and i don't want to say who,but i want to say sorry about it.

but still.
hani was mad at me.cos of my sudden approach to her house.

and she said her father nagged her cos she went out in this kind of night.again.sorry.but i was too bored at home.

hani entered my car and said that her dad only let her be inside seksyen8.the 'old' seksyen8,i mean.
if you're a shah alam native,you understand what i mean.

and so.
we went to najwa's house.and her sister said najwa was sleeping.so we went to aqilah's house.

aqilah was pretty with some traditional clothes that i didn't know it's name,but she was wearing make-up cos she was getting ready to go to this kenduri.berinai i think.

and i found out about her cousin's secret.

man.just like aqilah,this kind of thing makes me afraid of having boyfriend.
but maybe i'm the one who'll be like the boyfriend.
ok.don't waste your time guessing what happen.but it's really bad.something really2 bad.not good for your relationship.

and then.
went to this Sensasi restaurant.got a take-out.a kueyteow~~!!hoho.

and then.
haniyana was stubborn cos she didn't want me to enter her house.so ok2.i told her "call najwa.try check dia dah bangun ke lum"

and najwa already woke up from her sleep.

we went to her house.

and the conversation when i called her was something like this.

hani: najwa!!alia tgh bosan gile!!so dia nak awak kuar umah.
alia: suro dia kuar umah.kalo tak nanti kite hon.
hani: cepat.nanti hon.
hani: alia.nanti parents dia marah la.
alia: suro dia kuar je.takpe.depan rumah je.
najwa: gile ke?mana leh!!kt takleh la.
alia: cepat2.nanti kite hon.kt nak pi umah awak dah ni.
hani: dia dah letak.

and so.
we were in front of her house.

and so i called her again.
and the conversation was like this.

alia: kite dah sampai dah.bawak skali garfu ngan sudu sbb kite tgh lapar gile ni.
najwa: eh???
alia: cepat skit.kite kat depan umah awak je.
najwa: ahaha.ok.

she went outside.and i asked her where's the spoon and fork.and she was shocked cos i really meant it.

and so she took a fork,for me to eat the kueyteow.
and she entered the car.and we had a blast!

it was funny.
we talked about many stuff.and we were laughing like crazy in that car.

imagine.3 girls in a car.
the car is not even moving.
laughing hard.
with the car always on and off just to save the fuel.
and parents were waiting for the lil kids from the home-tuition near us.

nothing weird about that.haha.

and after that.

i picked up my sis at seksyen13.and went home.

that's all.

ta then!

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