28 May, 2009

my dear best friend.haha.

A'kum n ello..

went to hani's house just now.


that's all.

k.i went to her house just to borrow some cds.and so i went,and entered her house,and her house is in some major renovation.tho her house isn't like aina's house,(which is kinda WHOA when you see it~)...and so...

we had a chat.
chat and chat.
and chat.

i talked about the lunch with shazizan and co.
i talked about the hang out with my old friends.
i talked about that. and that.
and when i'm doing this blogging rite now,i forgot one thing.i didn't tell her that man utd lose to barca.

never mind.she's not a football fan anyway.haha.

and also,she talked about her intersession class,which she said something like "PENAT ALIA~~~~"


after that,we went to 7-11 cos my sis wanna something.

and at 7-11,like usual,funny stuff will happen.haha.
nothing interesting about it.

but hani said something like "klakar je"
and so i said "bile kitorg keluar,tak penah mende tak kelakar happen"


and after that,i told her to play twitter,cos that the least she can do while playing the net in this bz time of her.
but she said something like "kite benci twitter"
at that,i feel like i wanna kick her.she's the one who said twitter is interesting.da~~

hapenye haniyana.

and so,we sent her home.
and arrived my home safely.


and now.
i want to watch That Fool(accidental couple) at mysoju.
i missed that drama at KBS just now.

my wish to follow Slingshot doesn't happen.

Park Yongha.sorry dey.
will watch you later.hoho.



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