08 May, 2009

Liverpool tour.say yes?

A'kum n ello..

i told my father..
about the Liverpool's pre-season tour to singapore...

i told him..

alia ajak izzah pi singapore tengok Liverpool lawan tu.sebab dia tetibe minat Liverpool(haha~~!!) so alia ajak dia sbb kawan2 lain tu,alia rase cam tak mungkin je diorg ikut.so alia ajak izzah.

ayah replied:

so, nak pegi?

alia replied:


the mood was nice.i know he don't mind about this.hoho.


alisa: aye pun nak pi!!!!(angkat tangan tinggi2 cam nak jawab soalan dlm kelas walopon realitinya tak penah pun angkat.kot.)

ayah: ica bkannye minat Liverpool pun.

my mind was thinking about izzah.lucky my Liverpool's influence got into her.haha!

alisa made a face like this confused


and my father said that next week he'll go to singapore and bought the singapore road tax sticker so that he can drive to singapore whenever he bored.haha..


xabi alonso,wait for me!!!!!!!

p/s: i haven't tell my father yet that class for semester 3 already start during the Liverpool tour.if he let me go to the Panic at The Disco concert,maybe he'll let me for this,especially that i'm one of the fanatics of Liverpool fans that he ever met...hoho.


yeay for another 2papers!!

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