20 May, 2009

A'kum n ello...

when i'm absorb to something,it'll affect my sleep i.e i'll dream about it.

last time,i was playing Dynasty Warriors,and i was sleep-gaming on my sleep.
sleep-gaming?it's something like sleepwalking...but you were sleeping while your hands kinda move like you're holding the controller of the ps2.

yeah.i was sleep-gaming.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

and there was this time,when i was too absorb in memorizing organic chemistry,
my dream was full of chemistry's equation.

and there was this time when i was too excited to the max about DBSK,i suddenly dream of being in the backstage of their concert but i treated changmin like a pet and i made jaejoong mad.

and there was this time i was thinking about a boy that i like so much,i dreamed of him...
no need to know who and what happen in that dream...it's quite wow tho....blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

and there was this time that i was too absorbed about a transfer student that i read from a story book,and suddenly a transfer student appeared in my dream;very handsome with a golf-cap and blah-blah about me...and like usual,i'm the one who went to the person and asked him,"you like football?"...and we became friends...

yeah..i'm that kind of person when it comes to boys..haha.

and now,after days of reading mangas...i dreamed of nearly all the manga stories that i read...hoho...

and bcos i have many emotions when i read manga (mad,frust,happy,excited) so i couldn't have a nice sleep cos of mixed emotions in the sleep..

really tho.

that's all then.

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