20 May, 2009

lazy mode,currently on.

A'kum n ello..

watched ocean 11 & 12.


oh.i sent my sis to Kemuncak just now.had a laugh with the pak guard there.sorry pak guard,i'm new at that place..i know i nearly crashed ur ----. i dunno what that thing called.nvm.


i can't delete the above image.so don't mind about it.

i found some of shirtless xabi's pics..but most of them are not the pictures that i want..haha...i think he is the only person that i don't mind to have hairy chest...haha..~~!

my brother asked me,"ko tanak kejer ke alia?"
i said "tanak"

simple as that. i need money,yes.but i don't think i want some bz-ness rite now..i want to relax..i want to enjoy this moment...microbiology is hard..and next semester will have 20 credits hour...and i don't think i have any chance to enjoy during that time..


i want to do the things that people'll say "PEMALAS GILER!!!"
so..i'll do that.hohohohohohoho.

my father will ask me tho."ape alia nak buat cuti ni?"
and when that question come,i'll suddenly realize "la.cuti baru 2 minggu la"blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

oh2.amanda said she already sent the Nobuta bag to me...yeay!!!InsyaAllah it'll arrive tomorrow..ooh!!can't wait...!!!i'll move around with that piggy bag,and i want to see what will people think when they see me with that bag..

maybe they'll think i'm the 'carrier' of swine flu,especially with that Nobuta bag.hoho.(btw,nobuta is wild boar in japanese.however,buta is pig.no difference tho).

i already read manga.
i already played the net.
i already watched movies.
i couldn't play the ps2.
i already went shopping.
now,what's other lazy thing i haven't done?
ah.i haven't watch any drama.

after i finish all this lazy stuff,my hardworking mode will be on.

and i dunno what must i do.


oh,fyi,palat is not a curse word.it's an insect.haha.


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