03 May, 2009

cheek bone pain?

A'kum n ello..

anybody had a cheek bone pain before?
not just the cheek,even the eyes can feel it if i close my eyes...

anybody know why i feel this?
i live in a normal life,preparing for my exam,sleep nicely,dreaming about the future,watch tv,played burger shop,online and watch 1N2D.

other than that,i do nothing.

of course i bathe,drink,eat,pray,recite the Al-Quran.

any reason why i feel this pain?

i checked on the internet,it said it is one of wisdom tooth symptom...
but my brother said,when you're having your wisdom tooth,you can't even talk cos the pain is unbearable.


other possible reason: muscle pain,diabetes,and other scary disease.

nice thing that it happen during my exam.
if this thing last longer than 3days,maybe i'll go to the doctor.

or maybe after 1 week,after i finish all the papers.


i change the hrm to mmm cos ikuta toma loves woman who said mmm...

k now.


Eireen Camelia said...

i change the hrm to mmm cos ikuta toma loves woman who said mmm...-___-"

mental ko ni... mentalllllll!

Alia Liverpool said...

itu bukan mental..tu obses.
haha~~! ^___^