11 May, 2009

another rambling

A'kum n ello..

i'm sleepy.like damn sleepy.but i still don't want to sleep.

i want to watch videos,but i don't have the mood.

anyway,man utd won 2-0 over man city...and chelsea won 4-1 over arsenal....

and people said,both man city and arsenal are the teams that can help Liverpool win the league.


with arsenal's stupid form right now,to think that they'll win over scum is really unrealistic.

Liverpool won over man utd when nobody thought they will.

if Liverpool can,why arsenal can't?
arsenal also can do what Liverpool can,rite?

the future is dark cos for arsenal to emulate Liverpool is really something.

but if valencia can beat real madrid,why can't arsenal beat man utd?
valencia have silva and villa.but arsenal only have fabregas.

but still,nothing is gone until it's proven gone.
so,Good Luck arsenal.make man utd lose!

and i still don't want to sleep.

ah~~~!...there are 5 kittens at my house...all 5 are newborns...cute eh?..i took a picture of them,but my laziness overpower me...so..............?

i dunno when will i upload it.don't even get ur hopes up.

i'm planning to go jogging tomorrow.haha.dunno why,maybe bcos i'm bored.haha.


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