24 May, 2009

new watch!

A'kum n ello..

there are many things that i like to shop.

but mostly,i'll buy:

t-shirts(whenever i saw 50-70% DISCOUNTS).
water bottles.

and from the picture that you'll see,
you already know what had i bought when i went to sunway pyramid with qilah and my sis.

a watch.

at first,i chose the pink one.
but when i test-wore it,i told aqilah that i felt like i was ready to transform myself as a pink power ranger.

i bought the white one.

the white one suits me.
and also bcos white power ranger is the coolest.

ta then!

p/s: the picture at the hang out at O.U are mostly the same with afiqah's picture at facebook.i don't think i'll upload it tho.i'll do it when i'm not lazy then.hoho.

ta back~!

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