27 May, 2009

stories about the boys and the girls.

A'kum n ello.


best kan?


man i love that feeling.

i watched Domoto Kyoudai once.and i forgot the name of the girl,she got this question "what kind of confession that will definitely make you say yes?"

and she told the viewers about it,and she blushed crazily and went giggle2 non-stop.

kinda cute and sweet and HAHAHAHAHAH.

koichi was "EHHH??even thinking about it make you giggle???"

for a man,that is really weird.or maybe that just koichi.hahaha.
but i love it when the guys make a face when they heard the girls communicate.

something like "ye kan.that guy cam hot gile.u rase dia nnt pandang i tak?ey ey.nothing weird with my face rite?no pimples,rite?you think dat guy suke tak?"
i saw this one guy rolled his eyes when he heard this kind conversation.after that,the guy quietly said "u kan,buat i rasa nyampah.i tak skela"....after that,i was laughing.

this makes me laugh harder tho.there was this one time when i was at mcD,and the tv showed this football match..the scum was playing at that time...and this 2 boys with this 1 girl,and the girl is one of the boys' girlfriend,and the girlfriend didn't even watch the match.and she constantly made a sign 'jom la blah'...but the boys were too absorb with the match,but the boyfriend said "jap, eh.dah nak habis".it was around 85th min...and then,when the match reached 90th,the girlfriend made a face,and the boyfriend said something like "lagi skit je lagi"..and the girlfriend made a face again,and i,who was there,was watching the match,and often said "ai~lagi skit je m.u nk kalah"..and the girlfriend stared at me...and i was like "eh~~???"...and when the final whistle blew,the boys were damn happy,and the girlfriend was pissed off.

it was class.
that,dear boys,don't bring your girlfriend when you're watching a football match.unless,if your girlfriend is me.


really tho.
back to the real story.


really tho,i forgot what i really want to say.


oh.another story.
i found this from the Liverpool's forum.

there was this guy,a Liverpool fan.he was watching the match with his girlfriend.and he kinda said something like "YEAH,LIVERPOOL!!!I LOVE YOU" something like that..and the girlfriend was there...and she suddenly asked,"which one do you love more,Liverpool or me?" and that guy kinda like blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com. and he couldn't answer it for 10seconds,and then he said "of course i love you more" and after that,the guy said to the people in the forum,"to tell you the truth, i dunno which one i love more"...hahahahahaha...and the people in the forum replied "you should say,i love Liverpool in a different way that i love you"..and that guy said "i was going to say that,but don't think the missus will like it" ...

alia,which one do you like more?
shim changmin or Liverpool?

alia: Liverpool.enough said.

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