26 May, 2009

news:north korea's nuclear test

A'kum n ello..

hit this link to read the news about it.

this is really something.
i mean,WHY????

last time i heard,it's for the energy test.
but since the day that i heard about the rocket test(towards south korea,apparently,so they said), i don't think this nuclear test is a good thing.

i heard that iran tried/did a nuclear test once...but that's totally for the energy source.
i mean,there's no other motive than that.
that's what i think tho.

but to say that north korean wanna try this test cos of energy thingy,i don't believe it.

dunno why.
maybe my instinct.

but still,if they really mean it good,do it.
maybe i'm the one that too worried about it.

after all,i'm just a blogger.

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