22 May, 2009

uber amazing blog.cute~!

A'kum n ello..

izza the cousin gave me an award!

1) Copy award di atas untuk di letakkan di blog anda.

2) Nyatakan 5 fakta menarik tentang si pemberi award ini.
  • oh.she loves britney like forever.she idolized her like hell.and even sang her song in front of my late-mother.and my late-mother suddenly said "mak tak ske britney.mak ske siti nur haliza" and that izza suddenlyblogger-emoticon.blogspot.comandblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com.oh,i don't think she remember this.haha
  • she doesn't have any original hair colour.if you think her hair is black,you're blind.that's only bcos she dyed it black.
  • oh.she really useful.if you want to search something at the internet when the internet is not in front of you,you can just sms her,and ask her what you want to search,and she'll reply your sms with the answer in 5minutes max.prove that she always in front of the computer.haha.
  • i love this part.she used to be a playgirl.haha.and there was this one time,she intro me to her online boyfriend,and then i realize,that guy is also my online friend.haha.
  • oh.there was this one time,she had a fight with my sis,something immature tho..something like "ko terer tak taip laju2?"..it was the era of people just started to know about computer...and my sis cursed to her.and this izza,she loves to save all her conversation at msn (if you still save them,i better tell you to stop saving them bcos there this software to read people's save message.or people might read ur mushy2 conversation with your boyfriend,or maybe this already an old-time story.haha)..and at our kampung,people were talking about how bad their conversations were.surprisingly,people think izza was the good one,and my sis was the bad one.and for now,i think both were my laughing stocks.haha.
  • oh.this is no.6,but who cares about number.this izzah,she made me mad once.i remember i told her that i was upset when i know about my father planned to marry again.and so i toldher.and then she said,"to tell you the truth,i already know about it".thank you for making my life more dramatic,dear~
  • and also,she made her mother cried bcos of the telephone bills.haha!!!!

3) Setiap blogger mestilah menyatakan 10 fakta atau hobi sendiri.
  • i love Liverpool.
  • i recites doa and some phrases from Al-Quran before i sleep.
  • i hate that Twilight movie.
  • i hate man utd.
  • i love to just forget and ignore instead of solve.bcos there are big problems to solve.
  • i am thinking to dye my hair red,but only at the edge of my hair.
  • i love to observe people's habit.i know kp's habit.i know aqilah's habit.i know emi's habit.
  • i have an imaginary man named nathaniel sheridan.
  • i was a pom-pom girl when i was young.haha.
  • i lied to people that i know michael schumacher.hahahahah!

4) Anda perlu memilih 10 Penerima Award seterusnya & describe tentang mereka.

  • ainun-she said she's not a geek.but she refused my open house invitation bcos of her exam,so i called her a geek bcos of that.haha.
  • asya-she's the most perasan-est online person i ever know.haha.ok2.lee minho is urs.top also.jonghun also.micky also.now,who else?haha.
  • nadia-i love reading her blog.she's a very emotional person.and she loves big bang so much.and btw,ur korean name should be na-di-a,not na-di-ya..my computer doesn't have hangeul tho,but maybe you understand what i said.
  • nazneen-this is the hardest friend i have...hardest as in unpredictable..when you see her,you may think she's weak,but she wants to be strong...and i like that from her.
  • eireen-you read her blog,and you know why i give this award to her.
  • emilia-she's not the best blogger.haha.but she's one of the 1st bloggers i ever know.you want to know her 1st blog?click here.she thinks i forget about it?
  • faidzal-he's the best poet.poet la sangat.but he sure brilliant.he's a medic student.ok.i beat him when i was standard5.i was in the last class,and he was in the 1st class,and for someone like me to beat his result,it was quite shocking.haha.and now,i bcome stupid,and he bcome a medic student.tho he still a mama boy in my eyes.haha
  • adzrin nadzirah-we're friends since we were 4.and now we're 19.calculate how long we already know each other.we're not the closest,but we know each other alright.
that's all.
my speech for this award.

i've been blogging for 5 years(kot) and i'm super duper happy and somebody finally realize my contribution to the society.haha.

ta then!


Eireen Camelia said...

oi aku kena tag!! wahahahah cis da lama tak main tag2 nih!

Alia Liverpool said...

cis la sgt...

fareez fadzil... said...

kisah itu~