19 May, 2009

A'kum n ello...

my maid went out.
my sis went to the library.
my 1st bro went to work.
my 2nd bro went out.



only the shojo mangas keep me company....

too many kissing scenes in the manga that i read,it made me addicted to kissing scenes...


i wanna puke.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

my fileden's account already reach it limit tho..that's why i couldn't listen to the songs from my playlist...

blame this computer...i can't even open itunes and winamp or other media players...ceh~...

Kim Tae Woo's new song is brilliant!!!love it!!...lucky my fileden's bandwidth will be reset tomorrow..so..yeay!

another thing...IN2D's fansub is planning another project...and i wanna join!!!....hehe.

wanna join me?

oh.i revised my korean language at livemocha...hoho..nice~..

ta then!

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