20 November, 2009

New Moon? don't want~

A'kum n ello..

people already know that i don't like Twilight.

but some people already know that i MIGHT like New Moon.

btw, i don't like Robert Pattinson. he ruined my image of Edward Cullen.


the review said New Moon isn't good;overrated. just like Matrix Revolution,where people said "i was loooooooking forward to it,but it was BAD!"

and like i said before, i don't like Twilight. my opinion before i watch that movie was bad. and after i watched the movie,it became WORSE

so what will you expect if i watch New Moon?

you already know,rite?

i was looking forward of Dakota Fanning tho. and that vampire leader from True Blood.

ta then~!


farrah mazlan said...

Yeah, I pun x tau nape rmai fanatic sgt dgn cite tu. Tp I xde lah benci. I tgk je. To me, cite tu ok-ok la, 3.2 stars je.

Alia Liverpool said...

haha.my dear,cos of robert pattinson la.

kalo xde dia, mane la femes cte twilight ni.

n also, bg me, da movie is 1.5.
i read the book,so the movie very disappoint me as a reader.haish~

Dayya said...

kte x ske rob jgk. i prefer taylor <3
well, kte x bce lg new moon tho kte da de the novel.
cos i noe, muvi die sure boring.
so bttr bce after tgk muvi.
dats wt i did time twilight dlu.
muvi then read the novel.
so xdela benci sgt muvi tuh.

p/s: i x rse edward cullen as in rob pattinson hot. he's tooooooo pale. x hot ok. jacob black lg hot ^^

Alia Liverpool said...

u know, i just read my past posts yg i pnah blog psl BUKU twilight. n bunyi cam mad fangirl zaman skarg ni.haha.

time tu punyela hepi ble dpt tau ade movie twilight,then ble dpat tau r.pattz yg jd edward,rse cam "AH!!!"

psl taylor tu, xtau pape psl dia.haha. but yeah, taylor lautner hot~!

Anonymous said...

I dont like Twillight either! :P