16 December, 2009


A'kum n ello...

i spent around rm50 just to buy baking stuff today.

you know,after the BBQ incident , i want to do something interesting and useful and long-lasting after that. so i think baking is INTERESTING, USEFUL,LONG-LASTING and DELICIOUSblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com. so, i chose that.

so i checked the recipes for my plan, and do you remember the 'all cakes use butter' post? apparently, i suddenly found a recipe that DOESN'T USE BUTTER but use OIL instead.

oh how nice. why didn't i check Google at that time? why did i check the KELUARGA & PEREMPUAN magazines instead of Google? i google-d 'resipi kek coklat' ,and at the 1ST RESULT, appeared:

yeah yeah. blamed Amin cos he was using the internet during my boring day. and he also the one who told me that BBQ in not good for you yada yada.

anyway. i baked the chocolate cake from that site, cos many people reviewed the recipe,and it got the best response among all the chocolate cakes in the website.


bought all the stuff and did the baking, around 8.30pm of 15th December.

and the result was out.

the recipe also stated the ways to make the topping, so i did as followed.

and so, the cake happened to be like this:

you see my immaturity in this baking stuff??

anyway, it taste ok for me. i expected something better tho. i think i put too much sodium bicarbonateblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com. you must not play2 with sodium bicarbonate. one molecule of that will change the way your cakes look.i mean it.

my sis doesn't like it. i think she expect the cake to be like secret recipe or something. oh well.whatever. it's from MyResipi.com . what can you expect anyway.

next, i'll bake Cheese Cake.

the thing about cheese cake is, you have to buy cream cheese. but the cost of cream cheese for 250g is RM9.99. oh wow. i never knew that CHEESE can be so..ROYALTY.

ok now.

enough of my housewife talk. haha.

ta then!


asyachumel said...

kira anda reti la jugak nak buat
dari si comel yang hanya reti menggoreng ayam ini?hahhahaahaha

Alia Liverpool said...

kpd anda yg prasan comel, kire bagusla tu leh goreng ayam. goreng ayam adalah perkara ruji. buat kek hanye skali skale.

ni orang ni pun x pandai goreng ayam.just tau goreng nugget je n masak megi je.haha. nasi goreng pun x reti.haha.

fareez fadzil... said...

the cake looks tempting for me~~~

Alia Liverpool said...

u think it's tempting cos u want to eat some choc cake,not bcos the cake is delicious.haha.

oh.kek tu addictive tho.mayb sodium bicarbonate tu sbenarnye drugs.hahahaha.

a i n k i n z said...

kamu hebat!
saya pon x reti masak kek.
mak saya suruh saya cuba tp saya malas dan saya juga agak kedekut mahu melabur duwet utk membeli barang2 bagi membuat kek.
nice try alia!!

clap clap clap!


Alia Liverpool said...

haha.tryla cik ainor. masak kek ni cam anda cari kuman kat microscope.haha.rse cm susah,tp ble dh siap, rse best gle.haha.

Anonymous said...

let's bake cheese cake..!u like carrot cake?

Alia Liverpool said...

nope.don't like carrot cake.i hate carrot btw.