31 December, 2009

disappointed.maybe upset.

A'kum n ello..

no. this is not the 3rd part of Bandung.

this is about something else.

you know, i don't really understand love, to tell you the truth. tho i can understand people's behaviour easily. but i really can't understand this stuff.

Love makes people look stupid. but i think that's sweet.

but there this one thing.

i saw people ran away from love before. ran away, as in, trying to delay it. instead of breaking up, the couple still together.

then there are this one type; break up, then back together.

i don't mind tho about that.

it's like seeing Jude Law and Sienna Miller back together again. it's cute. it's like fated.

i want to say more. but i know some people will misunderstand it. so i stop it now.

i'm not really upset. i'm just disappointed. after months of thinking she'll get her happiness with other men, she goes back to the same person. i,as a friend, feel like an idiot. but i try to not to think too much about it. it's her happiness.

you pray your friend to be happy, but it didn't happen.
worst, that person try to hide it from you.
no trust. no care.feels like a betrayal.

what am i anyway?

ta then.


Dayya said...

awwwwwwwwwww.. they're not trying to hide. they just scared that you'll against them. i noe how is it feel. u js rse bsalah, dats y u kept it secret. gals r like that. well, kte cmtuh jgk T.T mebi nnt awk rse jgk. but don't feel so bad ok :))

asyachumel said...

setuju seperti apa yg dikatekan oleh madu

Alia Liverpool said...

millions ppl already know.but i don't.

who wouldn't get mad anyway.